List of 6 Top Wedding Photographers Nyc

Known as one of the top photographers out there, Yun Gen Yang is an excellent choice for a wedding. Yun and his team are known for getting the job don
wedding photographers in nyc

List of 6 Best Wedding Photographers in NYC

1. Yun Gen Yang Photography

Yun Gen Yang Photography
Known as one of the top photographers out there, Yun Gen Yang is an excellent choice for a wedding. Yun and his team are known for getting the job done, if you’re looking for photos that are candid, yet still beautiful you just found your photographer. Yun also has a team that works well together, yet is unobtrusive, that way you can focus on the wedding at hand, while Yun and his crew do all of the work in the background. Plus if you have a wedding outside of NYC, Yun is still willing to work with you.

(516) 724-0778 | More info

2. Photo Pink

Photo Pink
Known for their artist yet the editorial style of photos, Photo Pink is quickly becoming one of the top photography groups in NYC. If you’re looking to work with professionals, Photo Pink is the place for you. All of their photographers are required to have degrees in Photography, and even then the company is extremely picky about how they hire. If you’re looking for a style of photography that is different than normal, check out Photo Pink, their editorial style of photography is quickly making them famous.

(646) 355-0643 | More info

3. Tory Williams Photography

Tory Williams Photography
If you’re looking for a photographer that can capture your natural self, not posed or awkward looking, then Tory Williams is the photographer for you. Her unique style is one of a kind, and the best part is it works extremely well. 

After shooting photos for Glamour and vogue, Tory settled on wedding photography and hasn’t looked back since. She is able to blend in well with the crowd to take pictures, that way you don’t have to worry about the photos or a photographer moving you around, instead you can relax as she does her job.

(914) 275-5288 | More info

4. Clean Plate Pictures

Clean Plate Pictures
At Clean Plate Pictures everything is customizable to your tastes, so you can rest assured that you will get the types of photos that you’re looking for. Clean Plate Pictures are also known for keeping their clients at ease, their humorous style will help you and your wedding party feel relaxed and comfortable as they capture all of these special moments. If you’re looking for someone that can capture every special moment of your wedding day. Check out Clean Plate Pictures, they’re the ones to help you out.

(718) 622-3632 | More info

5. Jami Saunders Photography

Jami Saunders Photography
Jami Saunders may be a New York-based photographer, but she is well known for traveling to wherever you need her. Known for her willingness to work with her clients, Jami is willing to do just about anything to make sure that her clients are happy. Her ability to make her clients feel relaxed and at ease is a huge part of her natural photographic skill. If you’re looking for a professional photographer that is easy to work with and extremely talented, Jame Saunders would be the photographer for you

(917) 523-4007 | More info

6. Steven Wu Photography

Steven Wu Photography
Steven’s portfolio speaks for itself. His eye for taking the perfect picture at the right moment makes him one of the top choices for photographers in New York. One of the things that really sets Steven Wu apart is his ability to connect with his clients. Steven likes to keep a personal relationship with his clients so that they feel at ease and comfortable with him. He also does this to keep his clients happy, and since a lot of his business is based on customer referrals, so that you can refer friends his way too.

(646) 657-8383 | More info

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