6 Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago, IL

Another amazing husband and wife duo has made our list of the top ten wedding photographers in Chicago IL. Ryan and Sarah Miller have over 20 collect

chicago wedding photographers

List Chicago Wedding Photographers

1. H Photography

H Photography
Claudia and Doru Halip, the owners of H Photography, are internationally recognized for their fashion-forward photo-journalistic style of wedding and portrait photography. Their work exemplifies skill, creativity, and a number of emotions. With hundreds of local Chicago and destination weddings under their belt, the H Photography team have won several awards and gained rave reviews. 

Their work is absolutely stunning, and many would argue they are the best wedding photographers in the Chicagoland area. Their website displays the beauty of every image they capture and proves their skill and ability to make every wedding a truly gorgeous day.

(847) 749-8821 | Visit official site

2. Robert Sojka Photography

Robert Sojka Photography
One of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Chicago IL is Robert Sojka. Although he primarily travels all over to capture photos, his home will always be Chicago. Robert offers a plethora of options for bride and grooms to choose from as he takes pictures of weddings, engagement shoots, and even Bar Mitzvahs! 

His strategy is to work around his client's schedule and what they want as a couple and doesn’t push them into awkward poses that result in equally awkward pictures. For professional and gorgeous wedding photos Robert Sojka Photography is a no-brainer.

(708) 466-8108 | Visit official site

3. Wedding Creativo

Wedding Creativo
Wedding Creativo is a two-team photography duo that has won awards for their work. They are experienced in every field of photojournalism and can create images like no other photographer in Chicago. They both have backgrounds from Universities in photography/film and arts/design. They are well educated in the art of creating images from scratch. 

They do not offer wedding videography, but their rates are highly digestible for artists with their skills. These two photographers are seasoned and guarantee their abilities to document any wedding with professionalism and creativity. Their previous clients rave about their skills and having nothing but positive remarks about the couple.

(312) 850-4025 | Visit official site

4. Heather Parker Photography

Heather Parker Photography
Heather Parker has over 20 years of experience shooting images. She holds a BFA in Photography from Massachusetts and has worked for the prestigious Milk Studios in New York City. But she isn’t too good at her own skills. She makes every wedding feel like the most important day that it is. 

Originally she never thought of becoming a wedding photographer but that quickly changed when she realized how much creativity she could bring to every shoot.  She makes our list of one of the best photographers in Illinois because of the awards and acclaim she has earned over the course of her career.

(773) 295-4292 | Visit official site

5. Crane’s Photography

Crane’s Photography
With over 30 years of experience, Crane is the go-to photographer for many brides and grooms in Chicago. He works efficiently and fast but is careful not to miss any of the small moments that make weddings truly special. He offers several packages that are affordable for couples to choose from and has no problem shooting at unique and unlikely locations. 

While he is not a wedding videographer he does bring his print images to life by creating them in real-time instead of focusing his efforts on posed pictures. Any bride and groom that are considering hiring Crane can be confident his work will be everything they dreamed of.

(312) 399-3343 | Visit official site

6. Miller + Miller Photography

Miller - Miller Photography
Another amazing husband and wife duo has made our list of the top ten wedding photographers in Chicago IL. Ryan and Sarah Miller have over 20 collective years of creative photography experience and are in love with every wedding they attend. They combine light, technical ability, calculated light, and vibrant color to create their images. 

They work hard to make sure every couple they work for is proud of their wedding pictures and wants to show them off to family and friends. They understand that wedding photography is one of the most expensive investments couples make on their wedding day, and they make sure every couple gets their monies worth when they hire Miller + Miller.

(630) 373-2411 | Visit official site

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