Tikko Weddings
Los Angeles, California


Our company is catered towards couples who appreciate the finer details and craftsmanship behind each photo. Our photographers share a vision for capturing the human condition and creating portraits rich in energy and spontaneous moments that can tell stories.
We take great pride in documenting your wedding day and there is no bigger honor than to capture a milestone in your life.

Our Style

We primarily shoot portraits and detail photos on film while leaving preparation and reception scenes for digital. There is an undeniable timeless beauty done by the pioneers of fashion and wedding photography, who use medium format film cameras. We strive for great moments that also share elements of composition and inspired artistry.
Taking this route, we take more time preparing and less time clicking thousands of meaningless snapshots. Shooting on film is the epitome in quality vs quantity. Since digital cameras allow you to take as many photos as you can possibly click in a given time, the result ends up being many uninteresting instances of one moment or idea. When we transitioned into film photography we experienced more winning images at a drastic rate.
We prefer a classical approach to your photos to present impacting moments and portraits which can stand the test of time. Trends fade, but our images will remain relevant for years to come.

It's all about the Details

You spend countless hours perfecting all the details. And we appreciate and embrace that quality and fine attention.
We will ensure that you get photo souvenirs of all the decor and flower arrangements to remind you of the colors that will form the theme of your wedding.

Scheduling the Big Day

Surely, planning your wedding day may seem overwhelming. We recommend creating a brief timeline at our first consultation to assure appropriate photo times.
Pre-planning is very important to our process. Alongside the schedule, we have a specific shot list we go by as well as one provided by the client. We like to integrate into your wedding seamlessly. There is no production involved in important stages of your wedding sans the obligatory portrait session. For example, we plan all family portraits after the ceremony and a relaxed portrait session of the couple and bridal party thereafter. Depending on sunset times of course, scheduling is different for all couples.
The big day is to enjoy the company of family and friends, so we want to ensure good timing on all aspects of the schedule. We respect the natural course of events, and like to see moments fall into place as the day goes by.

Shot List

Pre-wedding: details, flowers, rings, jewelry, portraits, bride / groom, bridal party, family

Ceremony / Portraits: candid, vows, wide shot of ceremony site, the guests, details, and the kiss
Family Portraits: immediate, extended families, friends

Reception: food, table settings, guests, party pics, cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, more party pics, end of night shot